(Required) Setting up direct deposit donations

Donations via ACH (bank account direct deposits) are great for major gifts and monthly sustainers because they come with a lower transaction fee from Stripe (0.8% with a cap of $5 in total fee).

Here's how to accept donations via ACH:

  • Sign into to your Stripe account
  • Visit Stripe's ACH Guide page
  • Click the blue "Enable ACH" button on the top of the page
  • You will be taken to Stripe's Terms of Service for ACH payments
  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Agree" to start accepting donations via ACH

Stripe automatically imposes a limit of $2,000 total on ACH payments made through our platforms. If you expect to receive more than that in ACH donations, contact Stripe Support and they will increase the limit for you.

To donate via direct deposit, donors can select to "Donate by Bank Account" on your fundraising page. When they click this, they will be redirected to a list of banks provided by Plaid, a service that instantly verifies bank credentials, and asked to select their bank. If their bank does not appear, they can click "Don't see your bank? Search instead" to find it. If their bank is not in Plaid's database, they will not be able to donate via ACH. After donors select their bank, they will be directed to sign in to their bank's online portal. Once they've entered their sign in info, they will be directed back to your fundraising page where they'll receive a "Thank You" message for completing their donation.

Need more help? Contact Stripe Support

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  • There is no "Enable ACH" button as directed

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